Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 Important Tips to Help You Get Rid of Acne Permanently

Acne is a problem to millions of people, but no one seems to know the reason why they show up and how to remove them permanently. Of course there are tons of books about it and advice from everywhere.

And the skin care companies will remain happy for as long as you and millions of other people suffer from acne. In their words their products are always unique and the next best thing to help you remove your acne. The hype can't get better than that to get your money.

What they don't tell you is that even if their products work to a point, you will always have to depend on them because those products only work on the surface without solving the problem.

Of course, you can use one product until your body develops immunity to it and then you're off to another product, and another, and so on. That's how you get into the vicious circle insuring the wealth of the skin care industry.

Let's get to the bottom of the problem and solve it permanently.

Tip 1: Why do you get acne?

Your skin is a third kidney. The toxic waste that your two kidneys cannot remove from your body it gets removed through your skin. What toxic waste you might ask?

From your junky diet you dump into your body enormous amounts of chemicals, toxic metals, recycled nuclear waste, and other poisons. In order for you to stay alive, your body has to remove it out from somewhere.

Since your kidneys cannot outdo you (you dump more than they can remove), your body gets it out from your skin. In this process, oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, and toxic waste get caught into the follicle and inflammation occurs - a pimple is produced.

One thing is not known though. Why from two people with same junky diet, one will get pimples and one will not? Perhaps it could be each individual's kidney function.

Tip 2: What influences how much acne you have?

First of all it's your diet. But the most important is the sodium level in your body. If you have a high sodium diet (over 3,000 mg a day) you will have more acne.

Besides other functions, sodium regulates your body's acidity. In other words, it helps remove toxins from your body. Of course, you cannot completely eliminate salt from your diet because you will die. The sodium is one of the vital minerals in your body.

For start you can go on a very low sodium diet for a week or so, and then try to keep your total daily sodium intake anywhere between 2,000mg and 3,000mg. That's sodium from food, beverages, and regular table salt.

Tip 3: How to get rid of acne permanently

Very simple - change your diet. While you can still use any of the acne removal products to help you in the process, you need to change your diet to remove the problem all together so you never get acne again.

Eat mostly fresh, raw, and organic fruits and vegetables and very little processed food. If you need to cook it, buy only certified organic.

The most important of all, drink plenty of plain water and none of the other modern day beverages filled with lots of sugar and chemicals. The water will help your kidneys remove your toxins more from your urine and bile and less from your skin.

In the process you can only use natural chamomile cleansers to clean the skin from the left over toxins and help you get the inflammation down. A good brand of liquid fish oil, such as Carlson, will help you get the inflammation under control.

Don't expect fast overnight results because it will take you some time to cleanse your body, based on how much toxic waste you have managed to dump into your body, but the results will be permanent.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are You Looking for Relief for Dry Skin Naturally

One of the most highly sought after lotions on the market is dry skin relief lotion. Finding an effective lotion though is quite difficult. It seems that more people than ever are experiencing a problem with dry skin that is causing flaking, itching and cracking. Due to this demand, the skin care industry is creating new products to add moisture back to the skin.

The best dry skin lotion on the market is a combination of plant-based ingredients designed to treat the problem of dry skin and not the symptoms. The best products on the market combine plant oils, vitamins and natural enzymes that are designed to treat all types of dry skin.

One of the main culprits when it comes to dealing with skin conditions are free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to the skin cells over time and antioxidants help to rid the body of the harmful free radicals. One of the most powerful antioxidants is vitamin E. This is found in the better dry skin relief lotions. Other important antioxidants that are found in natural products include coenzymeQ10, or CoQ10.

CoQ10 in its natural form penetrates the skin for a lasting effect. The idea is to moisturize the skin without harmful chemicals. Plant oils such as macadamia and avocado work well to naturally hydrate the skin. Another important aspect of a good dry skin lotion is that it naturally restores collagen in your skin. Keratin is a protein that is found in our bodies. The protein helps restore collagen and is used in dry skin relief lotions.

Avoid products that contain fragrances and parabens. These ingredients could cause more damage than anything could. These could remove moisture from your skin rather than restoring it.

The best lotions will not contain any fragrance, parabens or alcohols. Remember this when looking for a good dry skin lotion. These harmful ingredients are not only bad for your skin but they are absorbed into your blood stream. Imagine if you applied these lotions on a daily basis.

It is vital that you apply creams and lotions that contain ingredients that are safe for your body. A good organic product will treat the causes of dry skin and not the symptoms. When you look for a good dry skin lotion, make sure the company offers a money back guarantee.

Dry skin can be treated with the proper products. A product that contains fragrances, parabens or alcohols will not treat your condition. Choose a dry skin relief lotion that contains organic ingredients that will treat the causes and the symptoms.

: article by Tara Mathews [ Tara Mathews has done a lot of research on various dry skin lotions. She has found that too many people are not using an organic dry skin relief lotion ( ). She hopes to educate people on the harmful effects
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